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A celebration of medicinal plants, of which uses range from traditional medicines that have been used for thousands of years, to plant derived modern pharmaceuticals.

1Love Enterprise inc. currently conducts operations in the following fields Plant science; human physiology and nutrition; protected and ornamental cropping; medicinal plant production; chemistry for medicinal horticulture; land use practices; medicinal plant production and mechanisation; medicinal plants and their compounds.

Plant science

The mission of One Love Genetic Resources Preservation (OLGRP) is to acquire, evaluate, preserve and secure the biological diversity that underpins a sustainable Medical Marijuana agricultural Preservation

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Medicinal plant

Further research is available below on various diseases and how medical cannabis / cannabis extracts may provide positive benefit for patients.483 compounds.

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Land use

From Jamaica to Canada, from the U.S. to the U.K, we engage nations in a common goal —If we plan wisely, our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to draw from the same plentiful Earth that we benefit from today.

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Eleven Maroon settlements remain on lands apportioned to them in the original treaty with the British.the Maroon's original copy which remains in a secret location To this day, the Maroons are to a small extent separate from Jamaican culture.

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