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About 1love Enterprise

Every once in a while you hear a story about a group of people doing something that inspires and excites that part of us that would like to be a part of something really special, and perhaps even be a part of history-or even a Legend-in the making.

The acceptance and recognition of the therapeutic value of Medicinal Marijuana has been spreading globally over the last decades, and over the last few years has taken off with the force of a rocket in the United States.

When we think of sunny Jamaica, almost anybody might also picture reggae, happy melodies and big clouds of marijuana smoke along with the sunny beaches, beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and warm friendly spirited vibes that have made it a favored global getaway destination for many.

On the Island of Jamaica there is a little known long-standing “Nation within a Nation”. This is the Nation of Accompong. This has been a quiet secret paradise to slip away to by travelers “in the know” looking for tranquility, peace, and a real departure from the beat of the regular drum.

To see that paradise on Earth does in fact exist, visit the link here in this article or Google Accompong.

Now this is where it gets REALLY interesting for some, perhaps even as history in the making.

As it’s own Nation, Accompong is entitled to make it’s own laws and govern itself-while enjoying being a standing member of the British Commonwealth-giving it international recognition and acceptance.

Obviously, Jamaica is a cannabis friendly place when it comes to the people and culture, and Accompong is no exception. As an isolated community, legend has it that The Lambsbread marijuana strain growing in the elevations tucked away in Accompong is a direct descendent of King Solomon’s own seed stock.

Straight up. Rumoured to have been handed over by H.I.M. Haile Selassie, the religious and spiritual leader of the Rastafarians or “Rastas”, during a visit he made there.

Accompong has been producing some of the best marijuana for healing the body, mind and spirit for a very long time. All done so naturally, out in nature with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, etc. “Bud by Jah” or “Flowers by God” as some people may say. The natural soil, elevation, moderate rainfalls and idealic year long growing conditions make this one of the best places on earth to be a ganja seed that gets planted with real love.

The quality of light in Jamaica, especially high in the hills cannot be replicated-for centuries it has produced incredibly high quality buds with very little additional input required.

These 100% natural, sustainable and inherently organic growing methods provide some of the cleanest and most effective healing herb that can be found-and it’s grown and harvested with love every step of the way.

1love Enterprise has an exclusive agreement with the Government of Accompong and Jamaica that allows them to cultivate, harvest, and extract medicinal cannabis freely and legally. This means that they can offer 100% naturally produced and unique high CBD, low THC cannabis concentrates for medicinal use that have been grown using the traditional methods of simple sunlight, water and healthy soils.

1love Enterprise is growing Charlotte’s Phenotype, a strain of marijuana that was bred and selected for having particularly high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. For many medical marijuana patients, this means the potential for effective relief from a variety of conditions without intoxicating effects.

The high C.B.D. Marijuana crops grown using traditional methods are extracted for the resin, so that it may be offered as a pure concentrate, for maximum effectiveness while reducing the the amount that is needed for relief or how long it will take to start to work.

The high CBD, low THC extract is produced using no chemical solvents whatsoever. Simply, carbon dioxide-like the kind in soda water-is applied at very high pressures in a controlled process to separate the resins on the surface of the plant material from the harvest of naturally grown marihuana buds, grown to peak resin levels.

The process also helps to ensure consistency from batch to batch in terms of the concentration of active medicinal ingredients in the final product versus dried raw cannabis buds. For patients it means that important things like consistency in dosage rates, time required for effect, all remain constant as they replenish their medicinal needs.

1love Enterprises is embarking on this historic journey summer 2014, and has already laid down the ground work in terms of setting up the bureaucratic provisions, economic development and infra-structure-literally building this exciting venture from the ground up through local governments and diplomacy.

There are opportunities to visit, explore and become a part of this earth friendly and people friendly approach to tackling a wide variety of afflictions found through the world that can be treated with the natural love and healing power found in medicinal ganja extracts that have been kissed by the sun, high in the hills of Accompong by 1love Enterprise.

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