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Accompong Town

 Monument to Cudjoe, Great Leader of the Leeward Maroons, is prominently displayed as you enter Accompong Town. Cudjoe and his brother, Accompong, led the Maroon “Freedom Fighters” in what was dubbed the First Maroon War against the English Occupation Army that had claimed Jamaica. After decades of guerrila warfare, the English agreed to a Peace Treaty that was eventually signed on March 1st, 1739.

A close-up of the placque paying homage to Cudjoe for his historic efforts in battle and in the forging of the Peace Treaty to end hostilities.

Across from the Cudjoe Monument stands the Accompong Community Center. All guests to the community are required to sign in and pay a fee for a guided tour. The price for a tourist is $20 US per person. The building houses a small museum and a meeting hall.

A depiction of the Peace Treaty of 1738-39 is painted near the entrance. Although the actual Peace Treaty document is not on display, the wording was taken from a document found in the archives of the English Government. There are a few differences of opinion as to accuracy of this document compared to the Maroon’s original copy which remains in a secret location.

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