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Reeferman Genetics (RMG)


Reeferman Genetics (RMG) which lead way to One Love was a project that started out of a basement around Commercial Drive in East Vancouver Canada several years back between Mr A and of course, Reeferman. They started with a simple but monumental goal: to develop and offer the best cannabis genetic selections for medical growers possible.

Reeferman of course brought to the table his treasure trove of stellar global cannabis genetics that included pure Land Races like Thais, Mexicans, Colombians, and Afghanis. The range even included (and still does today) exotics like Vietnam Black (a Cup-Winning Willie Nelson parent). Reeferman had already made some award-winning combinations from the solid catalogue of genetics he developed, and are still available today like his famous Pink Kush.

Some of these building block strains that RMG still uses today were the result of careful selections from very LARGE numbers of plants said to have been carried out by Reeferman during a project in Mexico.


2010 Treating yourself cup 1st place Compassion Club early Purple Kush 3rd place Ultra King
2006 High-Life cup Amsterdam Best Indica Pink Kush
2006 Battle of the bridges NYC 1st Place Love Potion
2005 High-Times Cannabis cup 1st place coffee shop Barney’s/Reeferman Willie Nelson
2005 IC mag 1st place Hashish Kings Kross Bubble
2004 Reeferman Seeds won the Seed Company Sativa Cup for its Love Potion #1 strain

Being open to new possibilities, Mr A began to introduce some local favourites into the mix and improve on them by recombining them, for example Reeferman Genetics Early Purple Kush is fast becoming a global favorite. Crosses like BubbaRock Kush (Bubba Kush X RockStar Kush) and Purple Crown (EPK X Vietnam Black) continue to blow minds and attract attention where medical needs demand Kush strains.

The catalog of strains RMG contributed to MMSS to date is incredibly impressive to say the least. If it’s worth growing, they probably have it with the added advantage of it being in seed form-regular or feminized.

Among the other exotic strains offered today include Mullumbimby Madness and related crosses, bred by some of the most famous breeders of this century-because they only stock other exceptional cannabis genetics besides their own. It’s even rumoured they are working with some “found” Original Highland Colombian and pre ’69 Cambodian strains-look out!

So whether simply looking to boost your bud production by starting your favorite Kush or other popular strains from seed, for example with feminized selections, or you want to introduce something a little more exotic into your growing endevors for production or quality values, you are sure to find some nice hits in browsing this globe-wide offering of award-winning medicinal cannabis seeds genetics.

Reeferman offers some of his well established old strains alongside some beautiful new strains.

The philosophy behind Reeferman Seeds lies in the knowledge that much of the cannabis gene pool is in decline because of inbreeding, som e clones being passed around in Holland being 20 years and older. Reeferman Seeds works on the basis that maintaining diversity of genetics is the best way to ensure the existence of a healthy lifeline as cannabis progresses in the 21st century.

In accordance with these beliefs Reeferman Genetics has experimented with several popular strains from the 1970’s, previously thought to have been lost forever, including Panama Red and Santa Marta. These land-based strains were collected from their countries of origin – Colombia, Thailand, China, Vietnam etc., then improved through aseries of parental selections before being crossed with other pure-bred strains.

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